About Us


Why Negotiating Matters

Negotiating is expected of you, yet only 37% of millennials have ever asked for a raise. 80% of those who ask for a raise get at least some of the request!  According to Business Insider, avoiding salary negotiation throughout your career means losing out on roughly $1 million dollars over the course of your life.  An underrated benefit of negotiating, is that it allows you to get a sneak peak into the character of your future employer before you accept the job.  


Why Us

20/20 Consulting will make the process of negotiating easy and stress free. We'll walk you through the entire process of reviewing your contract.  Each aspect of the contract will be compared to regional and national averages to make sure you are earning your full potential both in salary and benefits.  Best of all, we'll execute the negotiation with you so that there is no pressure on you.  You'll come away confident and excited when we maximize your contract with you.

Our Consultants

Mark Phebus, O.D.


 Mark Phebus is the Founder & CEO and Optometry Consultant. He practices optometry in Charlotte, NC. He is passionate about giving back to students and young optometrists by easing the burden and confusion of employment contracts. 20/20 Consulting is designed to make the entire process of reviewing your contract and negotiating both fun and simple. 

Dustin Turnipseed, D.M.D.


Dustin Turnipseed is the Dental Consultant. He was born and raised in Alabama and practices dentistry in Birmingham. He strives to help dentists, young and old, negotiate the optimum contracts. Dustin makes it a priority to work with each individual to learn and understand his or her needs. He will utilize every resource available to ensure each contract review is tailored to the individual.  

The Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research

20/20 Consulting proudly donates a portion of all services to The V Foundation for Cancer Research. This is the speech that inspired millions of people, including Mark, and started this fantastic charity.